Thursday, July 6, 2017

Wax work

Working on the petals for "Magnolia Heart". This petal is layered wax which was built up in different layers with different colored waxes. A nice benefit is that as I refine the edges I get visual feedback as to the thickness. 
My absolute favorite build up wax is Kerr Blue Inlay Casting Wax. But it is too expensive to build up everything with it. So I use cheaper waxes for the lower layers and save it for the top final layer. Then I can burnish the final coat with an X-acto knife for a very smooth finish. A bit of nice reflection on the petal is already evident. There's still much to do. Every hour of work on a wax is equal to at least four hours of work after it's cast. So I try to push my wax as far along as I can.

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